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Company KREŽ, s.r.o., with residence SNP 89/175, IČO: 36451771, registred in Obchodný register Okresného súdu Prešov, oddiel: s.r.o., vložka č.: 10824/P (later only "TAC"), which is owner of electronic shop located at www.agave9.com.
1. General provisions
1.1 These TAC relate on relations, which are created between seller and buyer by completing
contract of sale (later only "sale"), and are creating certain part in contract of sale. Buyer
may be individual, along with legal person.
1.2 By filling order form, named "Order," and agreeing with these TAC (later only "ordering"),
buyer states, that buyer is fully aware of TAC. TAC can be reached on website of seller.
1.3 Seller is operator or owner of electronic shop, provided on internet (later only "eshop" or
1.4 For all further sales (and all bonds that can be caused by contract of sale) with individuals,
who do not act in intention of their business activity, are related along with slovakian law number
40/1964 Zb. Občiansky zákonník and also other regulations, especially law number
102/2014 Z. z. about coverage of buyer while buying product or service, depending on
contract of sale signed personally or remotely, also law number 250/2007 Z.z. about
protection of buyer.
1.5 All bonds created by sale directly or indirectly, with legal people, are related by slovakian law number
513/1991 Zb. Obchodný zákonník in current statement.
1.6 Buyer is everyone who completed order, recieved confirmation e-mail, and paid full price.
1.7 Ordering has to be processed by operator of shop, and can be denied or approved.
1.8 Order is filled by information about buyer, and product that has been bought. By this, a bill
is being automatically generated.
2. Order completion
2.1 Completing order (with taking in consideration all steps listed above) and paying full price
of product or service is buyer's proposal to sign contract of sale. Full price is considered as paid
since the time, when money came on account of seller.
2.2 Acceptation of order from seller (completing contract of sale) depends on "Order
completion" e-mail, in case of full price is paid by buyer. This e-mail also means that product is
being produced, or sent.
2.3 Contract of sale being proposed, is also understanded as sending price proposal by seller to
potential buyer. In this case, contract is completed when buyer sends agreement back.
2.4 When order is comnpleted by order form "Order," buyer is supposed pay as soon as form is
filled. Otherwise, contract of sale isn't approved.
2.5 In case, order is processed by point 3 of this section of TAC, buyer is supposed to pay as
listed on bill, created and send to buyer. If payment is delayed, seller has right to demand,
seller's payment for issues caused. This fee is equal to 0,05% of full price of product or service
ordered, stacks daily, along with 20 EUR single fee.
2.6 Contract of sale is for certain amount of time, and expires as all bonds are fulfilled.
3. Purchase price and payment conditions
3.1 Price of products ordered via our shop (later only "purchase price") is generated idividually
for each of our customers. Price may be variable. The full price will be generated, once order
form has been checked by one of our operators. In case of point numbur 2.5 of this article, price
will be sent by e-mail.
3.2 Seller reserves right to change prices over time. Price of already paid order doesn't change.
3.3 Purchase price does not include shipping and other delivery-related costs.
3.4 Currency used, is euro (internatiolnal code EUR).
4. Shipping of products
4.1 Seller is meant to ship products in described amount and quality, along with printed TAC, in
case those were not sent earlier. If printed TAC weren't shipped, buyer has to state this to seller
in 3 days since the delivery date. In case buyer does not, seller considers printed version of
TAC as shipped.
4.2 Seller processes all orders in order they were sent to him. Shipping takes 7 days, counted
since full price was paid. For special orders (temporaly unavaible resources), shipping time is
just as long as stated in order confirmation sent to buyer.
4.3 In case seller is unable to deliver as claimed, then seller is supposed to let buyer know
immediately. If buyer, aware of this fact, decides to cancel order, seller has to return all money
back to buyer. As soon as money are returned, contract of sale between the two expires.
4.4 Place of delivery is adress stated by buyer in order form.
4.5 Buyer has to pick order personally, or through delivery company.
4.6 Delivery is considered as completed as buyer has recieved product.
4.7 Shipped product has to be carefully boxed. Buyer states that delivered product is in perfect
condition when signes "Delivery protocol."
4.8 In case product is delivered damaged, buyer has right to refuse to pick product. Buyer must
describe exactly the damage, into "delivery protocol." If the damage is hidden, buyer has 10
days for return. If there is damage caused or discovered once product is delivered and 10 days
passed, all returns will be denied.
4.9 Along with product, copy of sale contract will be delivered.
5. Picking of product
5.1 Buyer must pick the product once it was delivered.
5.2 If buyer doesn't pick the product up, seller has to store it for period of 30 days. Once this
period passed, and buyer didn't pick the product up, then buyer must pay fee (as high as
purchase price and delivery price), and all expenses related. Also the contract of sale is expired.
5.3 Danger of damaging the product passes to buyer when product is picked up. In case of point
5.2 of this article, it passes within the day, when product was not picked up.
6. Shipping fee
6.1 Shipping fee or price of shipping are not listed in basic price of product. These will be
declared in automaticaly generated bill, or "Confirmation e-mail." Buyer must pay these
expenses along with the purchase price.
7. Abandonment of sale contract by buyer
7.1 Buyer is allowed to abandon contract of sale as declared in "Občiansky zákonník." This
brings right of abandonmet in 14 days since picking up, with stating no reason.
7.2 When buyer abandons contract of sale, he must make seller know, by mail to adress
declared in this document. Template of this mail is avaible on site of seller.
7.3 Mail has to be sent until period of 14 days passes.
7.4 After abadonment of sale contract, seller has to return all funds paid by buyer. These will be
paid until 14 days after recieving abadonment mail. Funds will be returned same way they were
7.5 All funds will be returned as soon as product is returned to seller. Products can't be damaged
by buyer.
7.6 In case of abadonment of sale contract, buyer has to return all products recieved by this
contract. All must be brought to adress listed in this document. Funds for return are provided by
7.7 For abadonment by commercial buyers, all terms are listed in "Obchodný zákonník."
7.8 Buyer can, with no fee, cancel his order in 24 hours since it was created, but not if paid
funds are already on account of seller. Buyer has to make seller know telefonically and by email.
Seller has to return purchase price in 15 days, in case it was recieved on his account. If
"Confirmation e-mail" was sent, canceling isn't possible.
7.9 If funds are recieved on account of seller, this canceling might be disapproved. In this case,
contract of sale is not touched.
7.10 Product must be shipped directly to adress below.
7.11 Contact information and adresses:
1. Adress: KREŽ, s.r.o., SNP 89/175, Spišská Stará Ves 06101, Slovakia
2. Mobile number: +421 911 612 750
3. E-mail: info@agave9.com
8. Responsability for faults, warranty and returns
8.1 Seller is not responsible if there are faults caused by misinformation by buyer.
8.2 Seller isn't necessarly supposed to warn buyer there is some misinformation. These
information are not controled, but are processed automaticaly.
8.3 Only buyer is responsible for faults caused due to misinformation.
8.4 Buyer is responsible for all possiablities, that can be caused by wrong usage of product, or
that are told seller.
8.5 In case that seller finds out, that content of information provided to seller by buyer is against
moral rules, law, or anything is inappropriate, this order might be declined. Seller isn't supposed
to return back funds.
8.6 Seller provides warranty on all products, as law describes. Warranty passes since pick-up by
the buyer. If buyer bought product for commercial purpose, there is applied law by "Obchodný
8.7 If there was a product, that had a uncertain fault, buyer has right for discount from purchase
price or return of funds. If the fault is fatal, and doesn't allow buyer use product, then
possiablity of abadonment from contrast of sale is possible. Damaged or faulty product must be
completely returned.
8.8 Buyer has to return product with no delay to adress listed above in this document. Only then
is return approved.
8.9 Seller must execute return in 30 days, since return information recieved.
8.10 Procedure above in this document, also relates to complaint from side of buyer.
9. Privacy policy
<p justify>9.1 Buyer by filling order form states, that is aware of law number 122/2013 Z. z. about privacy policy.<p>

These TAC are used as they are here, and were aproved by company KREŽ, s.r.o.

Validity since 2.11.2016

<p justify>Buyer – consumer – has right to turn to seller with proposal for reparation (email to info@agave9.com), if buyer isn't satisfied by way, which seller completed return, or if he thinks that seller has violated his rights. If seller declines this proposal or doesn't answer in 30 days, buyer might turn to subject of alternative issue solver (further only "ARS") by the law 391/2015 Z.z. all ARS organs are authorized legal people by §3 law 391/2015 Z.z. Proposal might be applied by way declared by §12 law 391/2015 Z.z. List of ARSs can be found on website of Economy ministry SR www.mhsr.sk. Report might be also applied through http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/index_en.htm. ARS can be used only by consumer – individual, who does not act in order of business, work or job. ARS includes solving of issue only between seller and buyer (which results from contract of sale) and can be applied only on contracts signed remotly, and are minimal value of 20€. ARS might demand service fee of 5€ from consumer.<p>