Organic Energy Gels

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    AGAVE #9 Cocoa - our original energy gel is made using only organic agave syrup and delicious organic cocoa powder from Tanzania. A low Glycemic Index energy gel with a rich chocolate flavour, this incredible tasting gel contains no preservatives, … Read More
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    Agave #9 Baobab

    Agave #9 Baobab energy gel is made of organic agave syrup and baobab fruit. The unique flavour of baobab gives a sour taste that refreshes you during your physical and mental performance. Baobab helps to replace lost minerals, especially sodium … Read More
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    Agave #9 Bamaca

    AGAVE#9 BAMACA is an innovative energy source with an organic origin and the taste of real wild bananas! Combined with the synergistic effect from 4 different Maca roots, this gel has been developed alongside professional athletes to improve sports performance … Read More

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