Premium Organic agave syrup

Forest fruit complex

(Strawberry, wild raspberry)

Himalayan salt

Nutrition facts per 1 gel
Energy 91kCal Proteins 0.06g Fat 0.01g Saturated fatty acids 0.00g Carbohydrates 22.62g Sugars 21.17g Dietary fiber 0.06g Sodium 121mg Calcium 3.28mg Potassium 1.05mg Magnesium 0.05mg Iron 0.05mg

Agave #9 Forest

Agave #9 Forest Fruit energy gel is made from a mix of organic agave syrup and forest fruit flavours. This unique mixture is made from strawberry and wild raspberry, providing a sweet, refreshing taste to boost your performance. Added himalayan salt helps to replace minerals lost during sport.

Sodium 121 mg

Recommended use by sports

5 minutes

5 minutes before performance

45 minutes

every 45 minutes during the performance